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Do I have to be already fit to join the classes?

No, not at all. Each of the weekly group classes cater for all fitness levels and ages.

Are children allowed entry?

Absolutely children are allowed entry. However, we don't have child minding facilities or services.

Do you offer a trial membership?

No, we don't offer trial memberships, however, you can simply do a casual visit as often as you want before deciding to sign up to the weekly membership.

We do have a $100 Voucher available towards your first couple of Personal Training sessions. Check the Plans and Pricing page.

Plus if you follow our Instagram Profile you'll keep up with special promotions that on offer.

Do you offer guest passes?

No we don't offer guest passes. However, your guest can opt to do a casual visit. Follow our Instagram Profile for special promotions. Your guest might be interested in the $100 Voucher towards 2 x Personal Training Sessions.

Can I put my weekly membership on hold?

Yes, you can with 30 days notice in writing of when you would like to place your membership on hold. Memberships can be placed on hold for up to 60 days.

Can I still participate in the group classes if I have an injury?

Depending on the injury and if you have clearance from your doctor to perform physical activity, yes, you can participate in the group classes. We ask that you advise your instructor of your injury so that they can allocate you alternative exercises to perform.

Can I do both personal training and the weekly group classes?

Yes, you may do both PT sessions and weekly group classes. You will need to make appointment times for your PT sessions and book in your spot for the group classes.

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